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خريطة مشروع D168 بالنرجس الجديدة

PROJECT D168 New Narges

Security guard
Security camera
Storage room
Garage sewage
Semi finished
Armored doors
Central satellite
Modern interfaces
Luxury entrances
Building glass door
Dust-resistant paints
Aluminum in interface

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    PROJECT D168

    Project D168
    One of the new daffodils is:

    It is located in New Cairo, the middle of the fifth gathering, and is therefore a very strategic and vital location.
    It is surrounded north by Daffodils Amarat, Mountain View Square, South 90th Street, North 90th Street, and American University.
    It’s surrounded south by the Hot Eye Road and the Ring Road.
    East is the axis of Muhammad Najib, which comes to Suez Road and Raheb City.
    West of the German University of GUC, Fatima Al-Sharaptli Mosque, West Arbella, the Talt Assembly and the rest of the Fifth Assembly.
    From all sides, a group of large, high-end Kompondas and close to Kombund Sector Heights are characterized by a vital strategic location.

    The new D168 daffodils project features:

    The project is just a few minutes away from the Talat Al-Awar hub, and diplomats and the German University in New Cairo.

    Facades of modern paints and materials, Italian hydraulic elevators from the garage to the ruff, entrances with hotel trim of the finest types of timber-fed marble, drainage rats in the garage with points for gathering car wash water and excess water, lift units for excess water at assembly points, armoured doors for all units in the building.

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